What’s wrong with America’s Next Top Model?

I love Love LOVE America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). Having watched all 18 cycles, I am constantly amazed at how they are able to keep the photo shoots fresh and creative.

This cycle, with the addition of girls from England, had the potential to be the best yet. The British girls have been a breath of fresh air and have helped to keep the drama low. What is wrong with these entitled, bitchy American girls? I wish they understood that supporting each other would make them better models. And while the cattiness plays a huge part in decreasing the enjoyability of the show (I watch Bravo for that shit), it’s the revolving cast of experts that is killing one of my favorite shows.

The addition of fashion PR maven, Kelly Cutrone has drastically changed the dynamic of the panel and not for the better. I have tremendous respect for Ms Cutrone’s knowledge and experience; however, I question her delivery of critiques. Everything that comes out of her mouth is demoralizing and this is coming from someone who is no nonsense about everything.

Tyra works so hard to build the models up and guide them in how the industry works. It’s one of the fantastic parts about this show but the sewage coming out of Kelly Cutrone’s mouth works to do just the opposite. Her berating of Louise caused her to quit unnecessarily. I felt awful for her because Ms Cutrone was in the wrong of her assessment of Louise and I was disappointed that Tyra allowed it to happen. I’m not an 18 year girl but I think this chick would scare the shit out of me.

If ratings are declining, I wish the show would focus more on the fashion and creative side rather than the nasty.

Andre Leon Talley, editor-at-large for Vogue, added a touch of class and legitimacy that was lacking in the show prior to his addition to the panel. His critiques provided constructive criticism with an appropriate level of snark – entertaining not mean. No one stomped off because of an assessment that was mean spirited and unjustified. Oh how I miss Andre and dreckitude.

Now that word has come out that Tyra has cleaned house by firing Jay Alexander, Nigel Barker, and Miss Jay, I fear this may be the end of ANTM. These three talented men have been the heart and soul of this show for years and without them I fear it will fall apart even further. Dear Ms Banks… CHANGE YOUR MIND!


I just cannot imagine the photo shoots without Jay Alexander. He clearly runs a tight ship during what can only be described as herding cats. Nigel is sweet and supportive of the girls and incredibly easy on the eyes. DAYUM! And sweet Miss Jay… comic relief with the nohow to back up his guidance. Sigh…

In the meantime, I’m enjoying all the other aspects of the British Invasion. The Brit girls are gorgeous and fun and full of life while the American girls are too busy trying to prove how tough and bad ass they are which is not at all cute.

I am rooting for the adorable, funny, energetic Sophie. Fingers crossed for this gorgeous Brit!

4 thoughts on “What’s wrong with America’s Next Top Model?

  1. I unfortunately don’t think that the show has much life left in it. I think Tyra’s cast overhaul is a huge mistake and eventually kill the show.
    I think they should do an instalment of male models! I would enjoy that 😉

    • Oooo… male models… I would like that! I enjoyed the show that was on Bravo that included both male and female models. I can’t remember what it was called but had Tyson Beckford on it.

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