May the force be with you {Pinteresting}

Star Wars day is fast approaching and I am planning some fun things from Lil’ A. I plan on making her a tee with Princess Leia on it and we will be putting our Star Wars cookie cutters to work! So I am feeling wonderfully inspired and wanted this weeks pinteresting post to reflect this excitement.

May the force be with you print

Lightsaber popsicle mold
Star Wars alphabet
Death Star print
The Usual Suspects – all the Lego Star Wars graphics are so fun!
Character cut & folds 
R2D2 women’s swimsuit

“I have a bad feeling about this…” mug
Luke Skywalker Lightsaber chopsticks
Luke Skywalker style
Lego Skywalker costume – so cute!
Luke Skywalker style 2

We Can Do It! – Leia as Rosie the Riveter print
Princess Leia style
Princess Leia style 2 – I love the white dress and oversized pearl ring
Princess Leia watercolor print
Princess Leia cupcakes – I absolutely have to make these for Lil’ A
Princess Leia (cinnamon) buns

 Han Solo ice molds
Adidas special edition Han Solo sneaks!
“I love you” – “I know”  – Leia & Han rings
Frozen Han crayons
Solo cup Han & Chewy cookie print – hee hee!
Harrison Ford as Han Solo – I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t include this hunk!
Han Solo style

Free hugs graphic
Stormtroopers use Google 
Stormtrooper style
Adidas special edition Stormtrooper sneaks
Luke’s breakfast
R_B_L SCU_ – Stormtroopers on Wheel of Fortune
Rebel scum eye test

AT-AT walk with Darth Vader
Darth Vader lunch box
Vader mugshot tee
Darth Vader party dress – this would make an excellent Halloween costume
Vader couple
Darth Vader cake mold
Darth Vader style casual
Dark side slippers
Girlie Fairy Vader
Cycling Dark Lord
Darth Vader Style dressy

Star Wars party complete set up – This is so well done!
Death Star watermelon – AWESOME!
Jawa juice & Yoda soda
Lightsabers & Jedi robes
Character cupcakes – Yum!
Star Wars Cookbook – I love all the ideas in this book
Party  snacks!
Lightsaber party favors

 I’m the type of girl who loves Star Wars

I really couldn’t narrow this down! There are so many amazing things on Pinterest (and the web in general). We are already planning our Halloween costumes for this year – K as Darth Vader, Me as Padme and Lil’ A as Princess Leia.

My sweet friend JacMarie gives a first taste of summer in her pinteresting post this week. I love it! And all our pinteresting posts are archived here!

My apologies for taking a few days off from blogging. I have a lot of updates to get to and I’ve been terrible about reading all of your blogs too. I’ve been trying to decrease my overall time online and have really just stayed away completely. It’s been kind of nice and I’ve been have so much fun with Lil’ A! More to come! 


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