Happy Star Wars Day!

Have I mentioned that my girlie girl is a serious scifi geek? She loves loves loves some Star Wars and Doctor Who. Some question us exposing her to all this fantastic-ness but I say it’s just good parenting. So we would be remiss if we did not recognize Star Wars Day!

I made Star Wars cut out cookies using the Williams Sonoma cookie cutters and decorated them with a mixture of egg whites/water/food coloring for her to take to her preschool class in her Star Wars lunch box. I created a felt Princess Leia inspired from a onsie on Etsy (which I cannot for the life of me find the link for – if you know it please leave it in the comments so I can give proper credit) and attached it to a sundress from H&M. I even got in on the fun while at Target by becoming Darth Mommy… “Ava… I am your mother!” which caused excited giggles.

Next up… Lil’ A’s 5th birthday in 2 months! Ack!


4 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. So that’s why there were people dressed up like Stormtroopers and C3P0 all over Seattle. I thought it was just normal Seattle behavior!!!

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