A cleaning routine? Why not.

I think I have finally become a desperate housewife.

When I originally became a SAHM, I had all these grand plans on getting organized for the first ever. We’ve been in our house almost 6 years and there are still boxes packed from 2 moves ago. Now that I have had more time than ever (this is the first time I have not had a job or 2 and/or been in school in nearly 20 years), I had hoped to clean and organize and have the home I’ve dreamed of living in.

5 months later…

Everything is still chaos, if not more so. I have never been the best housekeeper. I won’t lie and pretend otherwise. But now I’m so damn frustrated with the mess and disorganization that it’s time to force myself into a role I have never felt comfortable. Taking inspiration from Small Notebook, I have created a cleaning routine.

Cleaning Routine

Make beds
Kitchen clean-up: Wash dishes/wipe counters/sweep floor
Vacuum downstairs
General pick-up of downstairs

Monday: Laundry (1 load – whites), downstairs bath, litter box
Tuesday: Laundry (1 load – colors), upstairs bath
Wednesday: Laundry (1 load – darks), vacuum upstairs and stairway
Thursday: Menu plan and grocery list, monthly/seasonal job
Friday: Bedroom clean-up, grocery shop

Clean out car
Clean out fridge
Organize pantry
Dust/wipe down walls/wash windows
Donate – go through closets and toys for items to donate

My hope is that this plan will help me feel less overwhelmed with the workload around the house and finally get me to the goal of feeling more organized at home. And really, what’s an hour a day? I’ve waste tons of time on things that don’t make me feel good so why not dedicate time to something that will help my mood. Once the house feels more clean and organized, I can then focus on simplifying.

I’m off to menu plan and create a grocery list then clean out my car!


2 thoughts on “A cleaning routine? Why not.

  1. I sympathize. When I first moved back in here, I was determined that I would do my best to keep organized. The best of intentions, right? It all started well, but I’m starting to see places where I’m slipping. I still keep the dishes done and I sweep and mop floors fairly regularly, but I’m starting to notice little things that have been neglected. My pile of papers that needs sorting keeps growing. I’m falling behind on my checkbook. Laundry doesn’t always get put away promptly. And the general clutter is beginning to accumulate. It’s starting to look like a single guy lives here. Maybe this blog post will inspire me a little. I’m not sure I can follow a set schedule like yours, but maybe it could be a start. Wish me luck!

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