10 things I hate about today

It has just been an awful, terrible, no good, very bad day. Here’s what contributed to my misery…

1. Rainy day… It has been raining off and on all day. Quite frankly the sky looks pissed. Typically a rainy day wouldn’t bother me but today is the first day in weeks that I have styled my hair down. Now it’s just a frizzy mess.

2. Bad night of sleep… I barely slept last night. By the time I started to fall asleep, K’s alarm clock was beginning to sound. I was able to get a few hours of sleep before Lil’ A came in search of breakfast but I’ve been feeling like a grumpasaurus all day.

3. Lack of food… Due to all the running around I had to do, lunch for me was delayed until late afternoon just adding to the grumpies.

4. Job searching made difficult… I have been applying for jobs for 5 months without any success. Today I mustered up the motivation to head out to an employment agency. First, it was a major pain in the ass to find. Second, I walked in and the women working there looked at me as if I just dropped of the back of a truck loaded with turnips. They couldn’t possibly help me until I went home, applied online, and waited for them to call me. Ugh.

5. Cats… I swear all I do is clean up cat puke. Today it was EPIC!

6. Lack of compassion… People seem to instantly forget that they struggled once too. A little kindness really isn’t much to ask.

7. Too much compassion… I know the guy who rambled on at me for 30+ minutes about how I could apply for a sales job with with gym meant well but just CANCEL MY GYM MEMBERSHIP! (also… see #3)

8. No flush… The handle on the upstairs toilet broke. Enough said.

9. It’s ladytime… I have cramps in my lower back and the mother of all migraines (see #2) and AND I ran out of lady products.

10. A no longer white sweater… I dressed in a white cardigan sweater with a beading detail, a coral & white floral skirt, and coral peep toe heels. Cute outfit. When I finally stopped for food, the lid to the Coke I was given was not attached properly. My sweater is covered in Lime Coke.

At this point I packed it all in and headed home to eat french fries and watch Doctor Who. Tomorrow I try again.


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