Ballerinas and wonderland

What a busy but wonderful weekend!

Friday Lil’ A had dress rehearsal for her 2nd ballet recital. All the tiny ballerinas were adorable but dress rehearsal was a total clusterf*ck. About half in her class had a good grip on the routine. They all were trying so hard and you just couldn’t help but giggle. The 2nd run-through was an improvement.

That evening A had her bestie, D, over for a slumber party. Those two are peas in a pod (a phrase they kept repeating over and over). Lots of snacks and giggles and farts – yes, farts, which of course caused more giggles. The sneaky duo woke up before K and I and were clothed in dress-ups and trashed my living room. It’s impossible to be mad when watching your kiddo have so much fun!

Saturday afternoon was the ballet recital. K and I were joined by our parents, my brother, and our sweet neighbor for the performance. So many talented young ladies! I so hope A decides to stay with dance. Her class did such a good job! I am so proud of my tiny ballerina. She has improved so much this year and danced her heart out.

After a fun dinner out, we had beer and bonfire. So relaxing to sit back and share stories with family and friends. I love having my brother visit. He has some hilarious stories and when his mood is right, there is no one funnier. Mom decided she wanted to have wine and grabbed one of the $20 bottles of Cote du Rhone. I had to laugh at her for drinking my expensive wine at a bonfire while the rest of us had beer. In her defense, the only stipulation I put on her wine selection was to not drink the bottle of Amish wine that I can’t purchase locally. By 2:00 a.m. we were partied out and headed off to bed.

Sunday was a crafty extravaganza! Mom and I worked on decorations for Lil’ A’s up coming Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. I am so excited she choose this theme. Lewis Carroll’s classic is one of my top 3 faves and I’ve been dying to go all out for a party. Plus this is good portfolio building for my someday event planning business.

We made 6 centerpieces – two of each pictured above, a playing card & ribbon garland (not pictured), and mushroom tree stumps. Please pardon the photos. They really don’t do the centerpieces justice in the cuteness department. I promise they are adorable and I share better photos from the actual party.

The black & white polka dot boxes for the centerpieces came from the dollar spot at Target. Each has craft foam in the bottom which is covered by spanish moss. The mushrooms are resin garden decorations from Target. I purchased the silk flowers from Meijer – spray painting white roses red and gluing eyes and adding a fabric paint mouth to creating the talking flowers. These centerpieces only took about 30 minutes to create.

The mushroom stumps were spray painted red. I cut a stencil to add the white spots. These are for decoration at the entrance of the party. I just love them!

I have so much more to do over the next 3 weeks to get ready for this party but it’s exciting rather than overwhelming. This is the first year I have planned a huge party for her. In the past, my Red, White & Boom girlie just had a family cook-out. It’s so hard to have a kid birthday during a holiday. But 5 seems like a big deal so… Let’s party!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


2 thoughts on “Ballerinas and wonderland

  1. That sounds like a truly wonderful weekend . . . I remember dreading dance recital weekend as I was growing up (my sister was just over 2 years younger than I was, and I was “too cool” to have to sit in an auditorium waiting for her to go on and dance). Now, I’m really, really looking forward to events like these . . . though I fully realize that my appreciation of the event will be fully proportional to my kids’ enthusiasm for whatever the heck it is that they’re doing.


    • As wonderful as there events are, I always get a twinge of sadness that my baby is growing up. She loves being on the big stage and performing. Kids are like puppies… can’t they stay little forever?

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