My loves {Reflecting on Father’s Day}

My little girl is so very, very lucky to have such an amazing daddy. I can honestly admit that there have been times that I’ve been a slight bit jealous.

My father is a good but very complicated man who is weaker than his demons. He loves all of us very much but there have been times that his addictions kept him from being the man he wanted to be. I have learned a great deal from my father. He taught me the importance of a solid work ethic, the necessity in being well informed and to always vote, how to have empathy for others because we are all struggling, and a fierce sense of loyalty. I am so much my father’s daughter – the good, strong side.

Lil’ A has a daddy that can teach her all of those important lessons but also will provide her with the security of his dependability. K will always be there for her. There is a sense of peace in that knowledge and I am so grateful he is able to give her that gift. I always joke and tell him that I’m glad he found the love of his life and while I know it’s a completely different type of love it’s one I could never penetrate (nor would I want to do so).



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