Alice’s Apron

Lil’ A’s big Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party is fast approaching so it’s high time mama got busy! This morning I made the apron for her Alice costume to great success.

I must admit that I cheated a wee bit. I purchased a white canvas child sized apron at Joann’s last week and some trim to speed up the process. Observe…

One canvas apron to get things started.

2 yards of trim was just perfect for lining the apron. The head loop was way huge so I cut it off and extended the trim all the way around to create a new opening.

A quick stitch all the way around to attach the trim to the apron.

I hadn’t planned on adding a sash but after the first fitting, Lil’ A declared the apron too long (she was right). Rather than starting clean over, I took it up in the middle and stitched across to secure, then attached the sash.

White Rabbit buttons in fastened to the top corners for a touch of whimsy!

Final fitting and one happy Alice!

I am super thrilled with the result and so is Lil’ A. She wanted to wear it all day! She did get to wear it at the park for a quick mini photo session with Miss Amy and her lovely assistant Jackie.

Next on my to do list… My Queen of Hearts costume. That’s gonna be a dozy!

*Note: A’s blue and white floral dress pictured above is a thrift store find. I’m pretty sure it was homemade. It is perfect for her Alice costume!


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