Just a few of my favorite things

Just like hairstyles, our favorite things change with the seasons. Few are mainstays but most change with tide of emotion or life changes. I’m a different girl than I was 6 months ago. You might not see it but I feel it. The core of who I am never changes but each experience makes its indelible mark on my life and personality.

So this is me now…

New music even if it’s just new to me. I’ve been playing around on Tune Find and discovering the great songs I always hear during tv shows. And YAY! Spotify!

Nail polish

Interesting tattoos on unexpected people

Red pop

Crime shows and documentaries especially about any type of gang culture

My big pink mug from Comfest

Making lists

Audrey, Marilyn, Jackie, and Coco Chanel

Being creative even if it is just pinning ideas to Pinterest

Friends that listen and love without judgement


4 thoughts on “Just a few of my favorite things

    • Red pop is the shizz!

      I find gang culture so very fascinating. Having worked in a very urban library branch, I was exposed to all sorts of interesting situations. Just made me that much more interested.

  1. I was really hoping to make it home for Comfest this year but, alas, I couldn’t (even though I am only two hours away). This post just made me even more homesick (in a good way). 🙂

    • I was able to get down there twice this year. It was the first time since college I’d been even though I’ve been living here for 11 years. Fun times!

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