Flip Flops in a bar? I say no!

Alright sports fans! This girl is heading to see the Columbus Crew play tonight. While I’m not a huge soccer fan, I am a huge fan of hot guys running around chasing a ball. It’s a thing, go with the thing. So to show local team spirit I am raiding my closet for the perfect black and yellow ensamble (I even went crazy and painted my nails to match!). Here’s my dilemma: SHOES!

Let me explain…

I am meeting up with a friend pre-game at a bar. I am fundamentally opposed to flip flops in a bar. It’s gross. Period. Bar floors are filthy and sticky and just plain yuck. Flip flops expose your tootsies to all that nastiness. Unlike Miss Britney Spears, this chica does not frequent porta potties sans footwear. Also, drunk people (and most people for that matter) don’t watch where the hell they are going and those poor exposed toes now have a bullseye painted on them for some clod to stomp all over. No thank you!

Typically I would wear heels. Problem almost solved. There is no way on this side of hell I would wear heels to a sporting event. I love to dress all fancy and love me some heels but I am not THAT girl. So what’s a wannabe fashionista to do?

She goes with a touch of sparkle.

Go Crew!


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