Oh, baby! {A Little Golden Books themed baby shower}

I am so very excited to be an aunt again. My whole family is just tickled ‘blue’ for the arrive of my brother’s little boy. To celebrate his upcoming birth, my mom and I threw an intimate shower for the mama-to-be, Jen.

Jen, the mama-to-be

Thanks to my time spent on Pinterest, I found inspiration for a Little Golden Books themed baby shower. As kids, I remember being at the grocery store with mom and being allowed to pick out a Little Golden Book as a reward for being good. Never candy. Always books (shocking I became a librarian, huh?). We split the work load for preparing for the event… Mom was tasked with planning the menu and I created the decor and dessert.

To decorate I scoured thrift stores and resale shops for gently loved books. I bought what I could find, which at first was not exciting. I was hoping to focus on classics such as, The Pokey Little Puppy and The Saggy Baggy Elephant. I gobbled up what I could find at super cheap prices and then I hit the jackpot at Half Priced Books.

I created the party invitation in MS Word using a google image of the inside cover of a Little Golden Book then adding a textbox for the message. I converted the file first into a PDF and then into a JPEG in order to print it using Walmart’s photo center. I despise Walmart but they have the best photo printing and the prices are very good. I create a 5×7 photo card on their site and have them printed in the number needed. 1-hour and they come with envelopes!

Using foam board and one book, I created 2 birdhouses for decor. These were a lot of work and all I had to go by was a photo found on Pinterest. I’m happy with how they turned out and they were a whimsical addition to the tables.

To accompany the birdhouse, I made felt bluebird ornaments as party favors for our guests. I simply love working with felt and always joke that “whatever you can do I can do better and in felt!” The bluebirds of happiness also worked as a simple decoration across the mantle. The birds were hung using mini clothes pins to ribbon announcing”It’s a boy!”

During all my purging and cleaning over the last few months, I found a torn copy of The Little Engine That Could. Using the pages from the damaged book, I cut them into triangles and attached them to ribbon using my sewing machine. Simple and adorable. These banners added just the right touch without making the party feel overdone. I also used the same illustrations to create mini-pennants to decorate the cupcakes.


Fabric with the Little Golden Books logo and images from classic stories served as a table runner and colorful mini-buckets from the Target dollar spot held the utensils.

For the menu, Mom choose to offer a salad bar which was an excellent choice. A variety of greens, fresh veggies, and shrimp provided a colorful and light lunch.

Food prep took very little time and was really stress free. Everyone loved this alternative to traditional party foods. Beverages also tend to be a huge ordeal at parties so we choose to offer one option…

This punch is made from a mixture of equal parts Blue Hawaiian Punch and lemonade. Lemon slice were added for a bit more color and because lemon slices just make everything a touch more classy. It was delish and our small group went through almost 2 pitchers! I plan to try this punch again but maybe adding rum!

In my opinion, cupcakes make everything easier. Every party should have cupcakes. No cake cutting. Less mess. No special plates needed. No wait for your guests. Cupcakes make the world go round. This time it was up to me to make them. If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I am a notoriously horrendous baker. It’s bad. Badder than bad. However, after watching the amazing Nikki make 60 cupcakes for Lil’ A’s big birthday bash, I felt brave.

Not only did my cupcakes look super cute… they were YUM YUM YUMMY! French vanilla for the win!

Lil’ A sends Baby Aiden a kiss through Jen’s belly.

It was a lovely day! Jen and Brent received some very special gifts for little Aiden to help him start his journey in this crazy world. Lil’ A couldn’t be more excited for Aiden to get here and neither can I (and neither can his mama)!


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