Fairy Rings

On the short drive home from dance class this evening, Lil’ A and I had a serious discussion on fairies. She was very concerned about whether or not I believe in fairies. It was decided that I should because if you believe the fairies will leave you a thank you note and treat. It was also decided that we needed to make fairy rings which are made out of flowers.

Since we’ve effectively been in a drought and barely anything is growing, the fairy rings were made out of felt.

Tools assembled

I decided it best to sew the felt flower rings because glue would find me constantly repairing. Lil’ A choose the flower colors and I set to work. This mini-project took less time to make than it is taking to blog about it! And she was beyond thrilled.

One for each hand

Her tiny fingers are hard to find rings for and every fashionista knows that rings are a fun accessory! I’m sure there will be more fairy projects in my future but until then I am off to write a thank you note from the faires to A for believing in them. Ahhhh… the magic of childhood!


3 thoughts on “Fairy Rings

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