I’m weird…

I’m weird because…

I organize my closet by color then style.

I eat all the vegetables before the meat during a meal.

when I can’t sleep I remodel and/or redecorate my friends homes.

I’d rather eat at the kid’s table.

I hoard Sharpies.

I over organize the files on my computer.

I dream in bright, vivid colors… like when Dorothy enters Oz.

I cannot walk through a store and not touch the various fabrics from which the clothing is made.

I pick things up with my toes.

I like to bite.

This cute little meme is currently featured on Jac’s blog. Like all good memes they come from somewhere else and Jac has the links posted to a couple.

So what makes you weird?


6 thoughts on “I’m weird…

  1. Well, if you’re weird, so am I — because I prefer sitting at the kid’s table, and I’ve always hoarded sharpies (you just never know when you might need one, and it sucks when you need one but can’t find one, or the one you have is dried out). And eating your veggies first is only smart — it makes sure you get your veggies in before you fill yourself.

    About biting, well, that’s just fun 😉

    • Kids are usually more interesting and more fun. Sharpies are THE BEST THING EVER (have you seen the new ones that don’t bleed and are kinda pen like? LOVE!). I eat my veggies first because I can’t stand cold veggies but don’t mind cold meat.

      “Biting’s excellent, it’s like kissing only there’s a winner.” ~ Doctor Who, Season 6 Episode 4 The Doctor’s Wife

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