Love, The Faires

A portion of yesterday’s serious discussion on faires included fairy etiquette. According to Miss A, fairies always leave thank you notes and a treat to all who believe. *Hint, hint Mommy*

I couldn’t possibly allow this moment to pass without inspiring a little magic. I want my girl to be a dreamer, to give into her imagination and allow it to flourish. I deeply desire for her to frolic in whimsy and the magic of childhood for as long as possible. And if there is anyway that I can help make that happen, by golly I’m gonna do it.

So here’s a note from the faires…

Dearest Ava…

A thank you treat!

A surprise pouch sprinkled in fairy dust.

Love, The Faires

When she awoke she found this surprise waiting on the edge of her bed. After hearing what the note said she exclaimed, “I knew it!”

I simply adore these moments.


4 thoughts on “Love, The Faires

  1. My daughter took a picture of a fairy bug. I always thought it was just fluff floating in the air, but she let one land on her finger and showed me. Fairies do exist. You can look at my instagram or search for woolley aphid. They are really cool!

    • It’s the super fine glitter. I poured a small amount into my palm and then lightly sprinkled it with my fingers. What I couldn’t pour back into the bottle went into the trash. Don’t fear glitter, John! Embrace it!

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