“Like the animal?!?”

We think Lil’ A has grown her first mole on her left thigh. It’s kind of hard to tell because she was scratching at it convinced it is a bug bite. She’s 5. Every little blemish is a bug bite.

K and I explained to her that we think it is a mole, showed her ours, and explained that they are just like freckles. She still wanted cream applied just incase it was a bug bite.

K returned to his conference call and I resumed reading James and the Giant Peach but she just couldn’t get this mole idea out of her head. Lots of questions…

“Will it always be there?”

“Will it hurt?”

“Is it like the animal? You know, the one that lives underground? Is there a mole under my skin?”

Poor A was so concerned that there was a furry little mole digging around under her skin. I had to stifle a little giggle and explain the difference and how sometimes the same word can have 2 meanings. She seemed relieved and cuddled up to finish listening to the chapters for the evening.


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