Get Involved {Thinking Positive}

The time I have been off work has had it’s benefits. I have had the chance to spend more quality time with A. She begins Kindergarten in a few weeks which is wholly unbelievable! The last 5 years have gone by in a blur so I am thrilled that I have had the last few months with her before her next big adventure. I really want to make sure I become as involved as possible in her school life.

Positive thinking goal 4 of 5…

Get Involved! 

I want to know her teachers, her friends, her new world. My hope is that my presence will help her start school of on the right foot. These early years are crucial to long-term positive feelings about school and I want to do everything possible to help her continue to love learning.

To kick start this goal I have registered as a volunteer with the Girl Scouts to be a troop leader. I was a Girl Scout until I was 22 and A seems excited about joining. Volunteer training is next week. Words can’t express my excitement. I loved loved LOVED being a Girl Scout and sincerely hope I am able to instill that same excitement in A.

During the parent meeting for Kindergarten, I signed up to join the PTO. I’m not sure how much of a commitment I will want to put toward this organization but I do want to be present in her school and know the teachers and have them know me. I feel strongly that if I can form some sort of familiarity with them that they will feel comfortable speaking with me if ever a concern arises and also that being involved will help me recognize issues before they actually become an issue.

I am excited about the possibilities. I am thinking positive that becoming involved in my daughter’s school life will be fun for me and I will meet some interesting new people. One can never have too many friends.

Tomorrow I think positively about getting romantic (get your minds outta the gutter!).



3 thoughts on “Get Involved {Thinking Positive}

    • I do plan to go back to work but honestly if I didn’t I still would send her to the public school. Public education is something my husband and I feel very strongly is a benefit. We choose to buy our home in a area with excellent schools (high taxes but excellent schools). And frankly, she and I would kill each other! haha

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