Family day at the lake

All last week we planned to take the boat out for a quite Sunday afternoon. There was no way that K was going to let a rainy forecast ruin this plan! We headed to Deer Creek State Park under a canopy of dark clouds.

This is the sky view when we launched the boat. Fortunately it rained for a few minutes and the cloud moved on to rain on someone else’s day. It turned out to be quite a pleasant afternoon. While K and A fished, I kicked back with a book.

Mommy doesn’t do worms but A does!

My favorite fishing duo!

A caught a giant catfish on her Barbie fishing pole! While K caught a teeny tiny one!


That crazy fish was so big it took first me and then K to reel that sucka in! He was a monster! A was so excited and K was in awe that her little Barbie pole could catch such a behemoth! Also, I think he was a touch jealous because he caught 2 tiny fishes.

We ended our day with a drive around the lake as the sunset.

Would you trust these 2 to drive?

Beautiful sunset after the storms


It turned out to be a lovely day!


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