What I wore last night {Get Involved}

Last night I attended training to become lil’ A’s Daisy Girl Scout troop leader. I am beyond excited for this. I was a dues paying Girl Scout until the age of 22 and loved every minute. It was so much fun. I learned a lot and made lifelong friends. I hope the same for my girl.

Notice my style supervisor?

White tee ~ Target
Electric blue skinny capris ~ Clothing swap (thank you Amy!)

Pink bubble necklace ~ J. Crew, eBay

Leopard print ballet flats ~ Target

Lately I haven’t been focusing on my clothes as much. I’m a little bored with my closet and can’t currently afford to overhaul it. Also I have been working a lot on Project Basement and other cleaning projects so it’s just been blah clothes. Today I pack to head for a week with Nikki and Mike, so I need to take a nice look at my closet and “Make it work!”



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