There goes my baby

Today was Lil’ A’s first day of Kindergarten. She woke up and dressed before K and I could even rub the sleep from our eyes. Her excitement was infectious even if we were secretly hoping it was all just a dream and she was still a baby. Alas, it is all very real.

All of a sudden she looks so grown up! A picked out which dress and shoes to wear for her big day. I just love that she went with the leopard print (I confess that I talked her out of wearing the leopard print shoes. Good style choices must start early!)! The three of us waited together for her bus to come and we watched her climb aboard.

And as grown up as she appears to me, climbing on the bus she looks so small.

And just like that… she was gone. Off on her newest adventure. Her first big adventure without us. I shed a few tears and felt major tugs on my heart. I only get to do this one time and it just all goes way too fast.

A few hours later, A returned with just as much excitement. The first day was a huge success and to celebrate K and I took her to McDs to celebrate.

1 day down…

(It gets easier, right?)


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