What I wore today… {50 Shades of Mint Green}

Ok… so it’s more like 3 shades of mint green but 50 has a more catchy ring to it. I am in love with all shades of mint green and light greenish blues. Just so pretty and so fresh. I’ve been dying to wear these pants but honestly they are just too big. I either need to do a major shrink job on them or breakdown and have them tailored. I wore them today regardless of size but the photo is just bad and I should have worn heels. Makes me look shorter and stumpier than I am. In theory, I love this look. Ok, I love this look from the waist up. Can’t win ’em all!

Sleeveless blouse ~ Target, clearance
Mint green skinny jeans (yes, they are supposed to be skinny jeans) ~ Target, clearance
Leopard print ballet flats ~ Target

Cinderella’s carriage necklace ~ eBay
Mint green Eiffel Tower necklace ~ ModCloth
Cinderella’s lost slipper & clock striking midnight necklace ~ Walmart

I love the layered necklaces and the Cinderella theme. So girlie and works with the soft color palette. It’s just the pants! Back to the drawing board.


One thought on “What I wore today… {50 Shades of Mint Green}

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