Bring on Fall!

I love Fall. It has always been my favorite season. The crisp, cool air. Sweaters and scarves and boots. Pumpkins and leaves and Football. Now that the College Football season is in full swing, I am desperately ready to transition my wardrobe. I just wish Mother Nature would cooperate.

We have been experiencing temperatures in the 80s since March – very unusual for Central Ohio. At first, this was great! I was newly minted as a SAHM and it allowed us more options for fun outside of the house. However, the seasons have felt like one long summer what with a warm winter and no spring at all. I have 80 degree weather fatigue. Seems strange to say because when we are in the thick of the snowy season, I am craving the warmth. Part of the beauty of living in Ohio is the changing seasons.

The mornings have been cooler. A small taste of Fall. By noon it’s back to the 80s and a shedding of a layer. So I am going to try my hand at that whole Positive Thinking thing again and THINK FALL!

Game Day Fashion!
I’m from Ohio. Football is serious business here. I grew up in Canton, Ohio, Home of the ProFootball Hall of Fame. I remember attending football games at Fawcett Stadium before I even started school. It’s what we do. You root for 2 teams… Ohio State and whoever is playing Michigan. So when I think Fall, I immediately think of appropriate Saturday attire!

Cozy Casual
Best way to spend a Fall Friday night? With close pals around a bonfire drinking a few beers. Chunky sweaters, scarves, and boots are perfect gear for a cozy night around the fire!

Fancy Fall
There are so many beautiful clothes for Fall. Skirts and tights and belts and sweaters – all combine to create a gorgeous look. Makes me almost miss working full-time.

Fingers crossed the temperatures begin to take a turn for the cooler… 60s rather than 80s or 90s. I can’t wait to make my Fall wardrobe come alive with all the inspiration I am finding on Pinterest and in the Fall fashion issues!



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