Vote Geek 2012

I don’t know about you, reader, but I am beyond tired of political ads. Makes me almost wish we lived in Michigan where Romney has given up and pulled all his ads (almost). But it isn’t just the ads that have me feeling complete apathy toward the political process. The negativity coming from all sides makes me simply want to tune out.

For me, I know who I will cast my vote for come election day. Being undecided is simply not in my nature. Plus, the political process was deeply ingrained in me by my father. He was always one of the most informed voter (even though he always voted his party). The man, a steelworker by trade, read at least two newspapers daily and could have interesting discourse on any world event or current topic. On my 18th birthday, he called me in sick to school and took me to register to vote (and then to the Any Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh which I had been dying to visit). My dad impressed upon me the civic responsibility of not only voting but of being a responsible voter. And for that I am truly grateful.

I just wish that leading up to election day that the candidates and their supporters would focus more on issues and policy rather than personal attacks. It distracts from what is truly important and attempts to make the election a popularity contest reminiscent of our high school days.

So that is why for the next few weeks I will be tuning out the verbal diarrhea spewing from all sides and focusing on a campaign that really matters…

Source: via Beth on Pinterest


Which are you?


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