Project Porch

Next month we will mark 6 years in our house. This is the longest we have lived in one place during our 11 years of marriage. We are happy here and I hate the thought of ever moving. One of the few negatives with the home has always been the front stoop. Stoop is the wrong word. We had a front slope. The concrete sunk away from the house. We probably could have negotiated it to be repaired in the contract but we were getting a helluva deal and didn’t want to press our luck (plus after looking at 20+ houses and having 2 houses slip through our fingers, we were ready to be done).

Adding a front porch has been top of our list of home improvements and thanks to my amazing father-in-law, that item can be crossed off!

Digging begins! K works to dig holes for the frame.

While digging, a broken beer bottle from 1977 (the year the house was built) was found. Looks like someone had a digging party!

A Princess with power tools!

The frame for the porch goes up on day 1!

Moxie, the supervisor, inspects the site.

The porch, without stairs, was complete on day 2! Lil’ A suggested a slide rather than stairs.

After the rain cleared up on day 3, the frame for the stairs went up with ease.

Complete! My brand new front porch complete in 3 days!

There are a few finishing touches still left to complete (lattice along the bottom, stain for the stairs) but now I can wait comfortably for the school bus to drop Lil’ A off after Kindergarten. I am in love, Love, LOVE! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for decorating ideas (stay tuned) and can’t wait to get crafty!

We made our first Craigslist purchase to furnish our porch. We scored a table and 2 chairs and while they are not an exact match, the $25 price tag was a steal! The chairs will be easy to paint if that’s what I decide.

My new favorite reading spot!

I’m feeling reenergized to dive into to some other projects around the house!


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