Unstuffed shells… It’s what’s for dinner!

In an effort to eat at home more and save money in the process, I have been trying to make meals ahead to freeze and using my crockpot more. If I haven’t yet mentioned my current and deep love for Once a Month Mom here it is… This site is amazing! A ton of fabulous recipes that will meet any dietary restrictions from gf to dairy free to plain old anything goes. I just love how the recipes include photos and instructions to either prepare or to freeze.

Last week I made the unstuffed shells recipe from OAM, Lil’ A LOVED this dish proclaiming she wants to eat it every single day. This recipe was easy to make and was perfect for making 2 meals for my family of 3; one went into the oven and the other into the freeze.

Since I was feeling a bit under the weather I pulled out the frozen version of this dish for K to pop into the oven later. I had written all the instructions for preparing on the lid of the container making prep super simple.

I am pleased to report that our frozen version was just as delicious as the first go round.

Unstuffed shells

This is the perfect meal for a crisp fall day served with a salad and yummy crusty Italian bread. This will definitely make it into the monthly menu!


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