Adventures in Baking: Apple Cobbler

Oh how I adore Fall. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it a million more times. This season makes me so happy. A few weeks ago, my in-laws took Lil’ A apple picking and today I used up most of those yummy apples in a dessert.

From past posts, I’m sure you are all extremely aware of my limited (at best) baking skills but I didn’t want the apples to go to waste and the kiddo wasn’t digging the idea of making applesauce. So I hopped over the the Supercook site to see what I could make with my sparse baking supplies.

Enter… Easy Apple Cobbler!


And it was easy! The most work comes in when peeling and chopping the apples but I did this task while watching 666 Park Avenue. The whole house smelled amazing!

And as for the taste? After the first bite K said, “Shit! This is good!” A ringing endorsement if I ever heard one!


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