Bad blogger

I have been horribly neglectful of my blog lately. There has been a ton going on the last few weeks that have caused me to be a touch more introverted but I feel like I am finally breaking out of the need to hide under the covers.

There are a few projects that need my attention so I’m hoping to chronicle them here. Also, I’ve started a part-time season gig at a department store and I should definitely start posting what I’ve been wearing. It’s been fun dressing up again.

I really need to learn how to become a housewife but all the role models flip tables and dress like strippers.

What’s a girl to do?


One thought on “Bad blogger

  1. I’ve been neglecting my blog as well . . . it’s just been a difficult stretch that’s been absolutely zero fun.

    But, if you start dressing like a stripper, remember that we need pictures.

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