Where I get “auf’d”


Last night I learned that while I excel at general craftiness and basic sewing, I will never be on Project Runway. A seamstress I am not. I thought I would be able to make a simple flapper inspired dress, however, I hit too many roadblocks most of which were my own fault.

First, I choose the wrong fabric. I wish someone had been with me to ask, “B, are you going to prom in 1986 with the captain of the football team? If not, walkaway from the satin.” But when you have a tiny blonde human saying mommy over and over again a la Stewie from Family Guy, it’s hard to think straight. It was the wrong choice.

Second, I needed better measurements of me. It’s kinda hard to be both model and maker. At one point I realized that I had measured and cut everything for a 2 dimensional girl rather than the curve girl I really am. Then I thought it would be ok to simply cut and attach side panels to make up for my poor planning but it just made me even more frustrated while pinning. It was at this point where I gave up.

Third, if I ever attempt to create a garment for me in the future it will be from a pattern and not an image I find online. A pattern would have solved my “Flat Stanley” dress shape that I created.

So this morning I headed off to shop for a suitable dress for tonight’s party theme. I’m happy with my purchase but really wish I would have been more successful in my sewing adventure.

Stay tuned for photos from our night out!


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