Murder Mystery 1920s Style

Recently, we attended a 1920s themed murder mystery party for our friend Amy‘s birthday. Everyone in attendance was assigned a character and then murder and mayhem ensued. I was Donna… sister of the mob boss, failed actress, successful tell-all writer, outgoing party girl in love with an unsuccessful gambler (played very well by K).

To get into the mood of the evening, everyone came dressed in 1920s style. You all know I intended to make a dress and you also know how disastrous that turned out for me. So what was a girl to do with 8 hours until party time and no dress? SHE GOES SHOPPING!

photo 32

Sequin sheath party dress – AB Studios at Kohl’s (Clearance $21!)

Lil’ A helped me choose this dress out of 3 and I’m happy with the choice. While I wish I would have had something a bit more Flapper-esque, I can hopefully wear this again and it reminds a little of the Chanel dress in my inspiration post. Even if the dress wasn’t a perfect 1920s replica, I knew the ensamble would be made in the accessories and I hit the jackpot!


Top Left: Headpiece – Apt. 9 headband from Kohl’s (I replaced the tiny b/w feather with the peacock), Art Deco necklace – Apt. 9, Silver drop earrings – Apt. 9, Silver stretch ring – Fashion Bug clearance
Bottom Left: Marcasite bracelets – My private collection, Fishnets – Target, T-strap heels – Goodwill (dyed from navy to black with fabric spray dye), Silver clasp purse – Inherited from my great grandmother

Kohl’s Apt. 9 brand current has an entire collection of jewelry and hairpieces influenced by the 1920s. It all is so beautiful and I would have loved to purchase more but I decided on pieces I felt worked with my dress and could work with the rest of my wardrobe. It’s just a shame that their clothing line doesn’t also have the same feel.

photo 1

Bold eye make-up and red lips finished off my look

A fun time was had by all and everyone look fabulous!


Amy, Me, and Jac

K and I

K and I

So my failed gambler of a boyfriend turned out to be a mafia hitman! So we were quite literally “dressed to kill!”

photo 33


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