About Me

Budding Fashionista. Super Mom. Geek Lover. Bookish. Someone Who Sparkles.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I almost cried! I’m just starting and it makes me feel like a blogstar to see my site name somewhere else! You do sparkle, and you just rubbed a little glitter on my heart!

  2. Hi, I’m writing an article for the second printed issue of a new English tattoo magazine which is mainly for women. The mag is called Th’Ink “Things and Ink” (www.th-ink.co.uk) and my article is about Alice in Wonderland tattoos. I’d love to feature you but I have a very tight deadline! If you’d like to be featured could you send me an image of the tattoo (or allow me to use the one I’ve found) and simply write a few lines about why you got the tattoo, where you got it done and what you like about ‘Alice In Wonderland’? Thanks! (e-mail me at theteasemaid@gmail.com) x

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