How we are keeping warm this winter

Mother Nature has been a bit crazy this last year. The drastic weather changes go far beyond the old joke… “Welcome to Ohio! If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes.” Last week it snowed like crazy. This week it has been 60 degrees and rainy… in JANUARY!

After three days of Spring like weather, the temperature has dropped again and we need to bundle up. This winter my go to winter wear has been a knitted cowl made by my super crafty and stylish friend, Jac.

photo (47)Not only is my cowl warm and cozy, it is very stylish and unique. Even Lil’ A has one!

photo 1She loves her pink and white cowl (I even have a matching one). For her, it is much easier than dealing with a scarf and keeps her toasty on the school bus.

Check out the Nora & Jac store for your own warm and wonderful cowl!


Photo Challenge: Seasonal

Day Twenty: Seasonal

The weather here has been up and down since October (curse you Al Gore and your Global Warming!). Mostly we’ve warm weather and rain when we typically have cold and snow. Earlier this week is was in the 50s but by the end, cold and snow. I’m sure 2 days from now we will have a tropical heat wave. Welcome to central Ohio! If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.

Join me on my 30 Day Photo Challenge.